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Lifestyle Audit: Evans Kidero Networth and list of properties he owns

Lifestyle Audit: Evans Kidero Networth and list of properties he owns

Evans Kidero is one of the richest kenyans.
He was the CEO of mumias sugar before the unfortunate collapse and later become the Governor of Nairobi the most powerful city in Kenya.

Work experience.

Career progression
Pharmacist at Kenyatta National Hospital

Warner Lambert-4 years

Smithkline Beecham Healthcare International-12 years

Nation Media Group-2 years

Mumias Sugar Company-10 years

Nairobi Governor-5 Years

Kidero net worth and properties

According to who owns Kenya here is Kidero net worth.

Bank accounts
Kidero was accused by the NGO coordination board of operating illegal bank account with the Family bank under his Evans Kidero coordination board. It was alleged that billions of shillings were stashed in the Foundation’s account.
In 2012, Kidero bought 3.2 million shares at family bank. This means his stake at the lender stands at 1.3 percent. It is not clear if Kidero has bought (or offloaded) more shares. He has shares in other companies.
The former Governor is said to have vast interest in real estate.
Stately Home-$3.2 million
His stately home in Muthaiga is estimated at $3.2 million (kes320 million), according to Business Insider.
Kidero is said to own choppers through companies.
2015 Royce Phatom-kes40 million
Evans Kidero fancies the good things in life money can buy. His Royce Phatom is said to cost kes40 million. The then Nairobi Director of Communications Wallter Mongare denied that such a car belonged to the Governor.
Net Worth of Kidero
The former Nairobi Governor estimated net worth is between kes9 billion-kes10 billion.
Other interesting facts about Dr Evans Kidero
DOB May 20,1957
He was born and raised in Nairobi
He was first married to Abigael Kidero. She died on February 2010 after a long battle with cancer
The couple had three children
He remarried in 2011. His wife, Susan Kidero, is the late trade unionist daughter Tom Mboya
Has a short temper-he slapped former Nairobi Women Representative when she stormed his office. Engaged in a fist fight with Sonko.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Matiangi to visit all villages in Kenya, Here is why

Matiangi to visit all villages in Kenya, Here is why

Interior Coordination Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiangi, has said he is not currently busy at his office.
He says he will now use the opportunity to hunt down thieves and gamblers at the village level.
Speaking in Dagoretti when he witnessed the destruction of over  1,000 gambling machines, Matiangi said there is 'little' to do in his office now.
He said that he will be supervising his officers in their respective working stations.
"There is little in my office and sometimes I spend the whole day doing nothing.”
“In fact, my work should be visiting villages," Matiangi said.
“I will be moving to various regions across the country as we execute our duties.”

“The President wants us to be close to people,” Matiangi added.

Matiangi main agenda will be to end the Chinese gambling machines which are ruining millions of children life's and need to be destroyed completely.

During the eveventent at Dagoretti South, Matiang'i reconciled with his rival, Simba Arati, who he has been contesting with over whom among them is the top Gusii spokesperson

Via The Kenyan DAILY POST

Ruto breaks silence Explains source of his wealth

Ruto breaks silence Explains source of his wealth

Raila odinga today in coastal region of Kenya questioned Ruto source of wealth where he has been able to tanga tanga and Randa Randa to all parts of Kenya dishing out money.

Raila questioned why Ruto is giving out money yet we all know his salary.
Raila odinga also said that Ruto presidency is not guaranteed and that he will work hard to ensure that it never happens by changing the Constitution to allow all tribes in Kenya to have equal opportunity to the presidency in 2022.

Raila sentiments seemed to anger Ruto, speaking yesterday in a function immediately after Raila odinga meeting.
Ruto said that .
"mimi si mchoyo kama Raila Odinga, ata kwa bibilia wamesema ukiwa nayo peana, mimi badala nijenge nyumba ya 1 billion kama Raila odinga, nitasaidia wananchi kupitia Harambee kujenga mahospitali,shule Na Makanisa.

Loosely translated to mean "I am not selfish like Raila I will continue helping people to build hospitals, schools and churches and I will not use my money to build a 1 billion house".

Ruto also added.
"Mimi nilienda Sunday school nanajua mwenye anapeana anabarikiwa basi wasishangae kwanini mm anabarikiwa".

Loosely translated to say"I went to Sunday school and I know if I give I will be blessed even more so they should not worry about when am blessed."

Ruto made it clear that the fact he gives God gives him more and his businesses also thrive because he likes helping people.

Ruto has been condemned by section of the media after his net worth rose rapidly over the last few years

Ruto is currently the 12th richest person in the country.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Here are the 3 most powerful cabinet secretaries in Uhuru Kenyatta government

Here are the 3 most powerful cabinet secretaries in Uhuru Kenyatta government

Uhuru Kenyatta is arguably the most powerful government official, followed by William Ruto.
Cabinet secretaries follow closely but who are the most powerful cabinet secretaries?

In Uhuru Kenyatta government James macharia who runs the transport docket is the most powerful owing to the huge amount of money he controls.

According to the nation Cabinet Secretaries could be looking at their Transport counterpart James Macharia with envy, with his ministry controlling Sh274 billion.

Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed will be in charge of Sh200 billion when the money that goes to the TSC (Sh218 billion) is discounted.

Interior Cabinet secretary Dr Fred Matiang’i, for all the docket’s profile, will control Sh142 billion and a dozen institutions.

The reason why James macharia is very powerful is because his ministry holds key to  Uhuru Kenyatta big 4 delivery

From left: Cabinet secretaries James Macharia (Transport), Ms Sicily Kariuki (Health), Mr Mwangi Kiunjuri (Agriculture) and Ms Farida Karoney (Land). FILE PHOTOS | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

According to the nation James macharia docket is a sentence in itself - Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development and Public Works; and Shipping and Maritime. With four principal secretaries and a chief administrative secretary under him, Mr Macharia is in charge of 29 institutions including railways and roads where most of the government resources are being channelled in support of the Big Four agenda.

Macharia is most powerful in terms of resources.

But in terms of power and influence matiangi is the most powerful since he runs the interior and security ministry which is the most powerful ministry in the country.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Here is disease chris kirubi is suffering from

Here is disease chris kirubi is suffering from

According to popular blogger Robert alai,
Chris kirubi is suffering from collon cancer and might have few weeks to live.
He come back to the country handed all his property before going back for treatment.
Here is what he shared.
"After looting billions from KENATCO, Uchumi and KQ, Colon Cancer is what is taking Kirubi to the grave and he knows it. Without a single cent. Sad.
He came back to Kenya to hand over his wealth to a trust as he continues to get his treatment in the US. Impact lives. Don’t loot!"
Kenyans were not happy with alai post here is their reactions.
"To all the people whom cancer have
robbed them their loved ones, take courage one day at a time
it shall be well with our souls and someday cure shall be found!"
Another user said.
1. You mentioned that he is without a single cent 2. You also said he handing over his wealth. Get your facts right and prove read your lies at the least. He shall not die but shall live to declare the goodness of God.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Kenyatta family tree:Four wives and 8 children,Uhuru Kenyatta siblings

Kenyatta family tree:Four wives and 8 children,Uhuru Kenyatta siblings

Uhuru Kenyatta is arguably the most popular president in Kenya and across the globe not much is known about some of his siblings.
Uhuru Kenyatta father founding father Mzee jomo Kenyatta was The first president of the country.

Kenya's first President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta married four wives, Grace Wahu, Edna Clarke, Grace Wanjiku and Mama Ngina.

Grace Wahu(First wife)
Grace Wahu was Kenyatta first wife whom he married before 2920.
They were blessed with children .
Their first child was called Peter Muigai Kenyatta  who grew up to be a popular businesswoman and mp for juja.Peter passed on in 1979
The other child was late Margaret Rose Wambui Kenyatta who was born in 1928.
Margaret Kenyatta rose to be the only Nairobi female mayor.
She passed on last year.

2.Edna Clarke(second wife)
Kenyatta met and hooked up with Edna Clarke while studying in uk.
They were blessed with a son named Peter.
Peter Magana Kenyatta, who once worked as a presenter with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), lives in London. He was the only child Kenyatta had with his second wife, Edna, who died in 1985 aged 86. 

3.Grace Wanjiku(Third wife)
She was sister to Peter mbiu Koinange the powerful minister of state.
Her father was senior chief mbiu wa Koinange, a powerful chief during the colonial era.
Wanjiku is said to have died giving birth to her only child, Jane 'Jeni' Wambui Gecaga in 1950.

4.Mama Ngina Kenyatta
Mama Ngina Kenyatta is the most known And official wife of founding father Mzee jomo Kenyatta.
She is mostly known as mama taifa and was first Lady during Mzee jomo Kenyatta presidency.
Here are mama Ngina Kenyatta children.
1.Christine Wambui Kenyatta, now Kristina Pratt was born in 1952, the first child of Kenyatta with Mama Ngina.
She is married to Victor Pratt whom together they work with the disabled.
2.uhuru Kenyatta is well known as our president.
3.Anna Nyokabi Muthama, happily married in makueni.

4.Muhoho Kenyatta -Last born child of mama Ngina Kenyatta who runs the family business.

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Monday, 21 May 2018

Miracle:This how robbers Caught confused after breaking into prophet Owour Church

Miracle:This how robbers Caught confused after breaking into prophet Owour Church

Robbers broke into one of Prophet David Owuor’s church in Nakuru’s Naka Estate over the weekend making away with two crates of sodas.
According to church members, the robbers broke into to the church at around on Friday when the watchman in charge of the area had left for home.
The robbers did not touch on the electronics in the church and only chose to steal sodas.
Another member of the church said there is possibility that the robbers were afraid of making away with the church electronics.
“We still don’t understand why the robbers just decided to steal soda crates and not the electronics which are valuable. Maybe they were afraid of being traced,” they said.
The church is located in Naka estate next to section 58 police dog unit.
Prophet Owuor is known for his prophesies and another church member who worships at The Repentance and Holiness, Heshima altar said the thieves feared the Mighty Prophet of God.
"It's a miracle they did not steal those electronics, that is a miracle," he said.