Thursday, 12 April 2018

Top 10 most expensive cars In Nairobi Kenya and their owners

Top 10 most expensive cars In Nairobi Kenya and their owners

1.Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse
This is the most expensive car cited in Kenya.

Price:Ksh 232,271,543 (US$2,293,904)

According to Bugatti website  it describes the car as follows , the bugatti veyron 16.4 grand sport vitesse, the roadster version of the veyron 16.4 super sport, is also a superlative supercar. “vitesse” is the french word for speed. the grand sport vitesse is the fastest and most powerful production roadster in the world.

This car is the fastest car in the world.

The owner of this most expensive car in Kenya is unknown.

These are the top 10 most expensive CARS in Kenya and their respective owners (photos)

2.Ferrari 612 Sessanta.
The owner of Ferrari 612 Sessanta is currently unknown.
It has a price of 42,916,239 (US$424,000)

A short description of the car Finished in the striking colour of Rosso Scuro, this most exclusive and beautiful of modern Ferraris is an essential addition to any Ferrari collection.


These are the top 10 most expensive CARS in Kenya and their respective owners (photos)

3.Rolls Royce Phantom.
A luxurious car the Rolls Royce Phantom.
An unmistakable aura. A presence that defies time itself. Phantom is the signature Rolls- Royce; an iconic and enduring interpretation of the modern motor car.
The price of this car  is Price: Ksh 42,291,221 (US$417,825)

Owner: Samia Barry & husband

4.Rolls Royce Dawn

Just like the phantom it hoozes of power and influence,  it has a modern an iconic look which will certainly turn eyes. 

Owner is unknown but it is understood to be a powerful politician who wants to keep a low profile 

Prixe:300000 USD or ksh 30 million

These are the top 10 most expensive CARS in Kenya and their respective owners (photos)

5Mercedes SLS AMG

The owner of this is also unknown 

It is a great German machine and owner is said to be a celebrity owning the most expensive car by a celebrity in Kenya 

Price: Ksh 22,424,747 (US$221,580)

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (C 197) – Frontansicht geöffnet, 10. August 2011, Düsseldorf.jpg

6.Green Lamborghini Murcielago Convertible

 Owned by Samia and her husband and understood to be driven by Samia most of the time. 

It has a great look and has a price of Price: Ksh 20,243,509 (US$200,000)

7.The new Bentley Continental GT

Price: Ksh 20091682 (US$198,500)

The owner of this car is unknown 

8.Mercedes Maybach S 600

Chris kirubi owns this great German machine, he is one of the richest Kenyans. 

The price of this is Price: Ksh 19,165,542 (US$189,350)

9.Aston Martin D39


Price: Ksh 18,600,727 (US$183,700)

Owner: Unknown



Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Matiangi Biography :Education, Work ,Wife and Kids

Matiangi Biography :Education, Work ,Wife and Kids

Today we will feature the biography of Fred matiangi, the very powerful and performing Cabinet secretary.
What most don't know Is that before his appointment to government matiangi was little known and his appointment to government by uhuru Kenyatta to government boasted his star and he has become the darling of Kenyans.

Here is matiangi biography

Little is known about matiangi primary school education but is understood to have schooled in Kisii school.

He later went to Kenyatta University where he studied a bachelors degree in education
He did his masters in the university of Nairobi.
He later did his PhD in communication  the university of Nairobi

what most can't believe is matiangi started out as a primary school teacher .
He later worked as a lecture at egerton university and university of Nairobi.

He has also been a colliminst  in the daily nation newspaper.

Matiangi worked as  East Africa representative for civil society in Kenya,  the common wealth parliament association, Parliament of Ethiopia and East Africa legislative parliament.

He was later nominated as cabinet secretary for information, then education and now interior coordination ministry and security.

matiangi is married with 2 children which he has successfully managed to keep out of the public limelight,  no photos of matiangi children or wife are available in public limelight.

Photo :Cabinet Secretary for Education Dr. Fred Matiang'i (left) with chairperson of the National Schools Principals Dorothy Mukiri (right) who is the principal of Alliance Girls High School [PHOTO BY GIDEON MAUNDU/STANDARD].

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Man shocking confession on killing wife goes viral in Facebook

Man shocking confession on killing wife goes viral in Facebook

its only God who knows why it had to go that way, you cheated on me with your boss for five good years, i always asked you if you loved him and i usually gave u space to go and marry him but you refused, instead you always told me kasero was a good friend and nothing was going on between you two, at longonot we passed alot of struggles in our relationship, little did i know that i was the one in the dark everybody in the town knew about your relationship and you were not hiding anymore,you could sleep at eldama a lodging next to our house so that everybody could know, you spread a false gospel in the whole town that am forcing you to come with supper as i spend all day sleeping, i had already bn contracted by iebc and i had 40,000 which could have pushed me before i got another job, infact all this time you were soiling my name i had 30,000 in thw house,you went ahead and bewitched me, that i should not get a job, i tried many places but u always told me i wont get a job cause you knew what you had done,you again made sure i felt out with family and everywhere i went to work,to make the matter worse,you put a very strong pungent smell on my body every time i went to close to people they were complaining, on that day when i was coming for my mission, i had to alight five vehicles cause of the smell you had put on me,. your family may not believe this but wanjiru you had gone too far up to sleeping with my uncle who is a bishop at njabini,anyway i did all i could to tell your sisters and parents everything was not OK in our marriage and death was smelling in our house, they did a honourable thing of taking you to nairobi at kinoo,where you got a job and promised to move out, to my surprise kasero convinced and confused yoy that you come back to longonot and report me to CID am threatening your life,from then you convinced your family members that house u build alone and u wanted me arrested and we case ,when i was away you had afield day with kasero and you were bringing him in the house everyday when neighbour mama maina told me about it you took her to police,am not bitter for what i did, given another opportunity wanjiru i will do it again,i have no regrets whatsoever, i loved you soo much but you played me like a fool, you always predicted that i would kill you one day, you told me this on the face soo many times, nothing happens without a reason, kasero if you loved wanjiru you could have married her instead of throwing me away from my matrimonial home,as you use police to intimidate me, i reported the matter to area chief and as usual mkaruka, i told mr muiru, and anybody who cared to listen, before you throw those stones to me tell me what could you have done a man sleeping in your house on your bed and they take you to police,madam inspector of longonot you came all the way to mombasa to arrest me instead of investigating kasero who was sleeping in my house and had taken ,my wife, you were chasing the wrong man as God nevr allowed you to arrest me, we met in mombasa at the streets and could tell from the look in your face you were frustrated ,anyway it happened and for avoidance of doubt i burned her alive as she was screaming my name,...there was another man in the house guess kasero and i dont know how he escaped..i did all i could to make things work but it was not meant to be presenting myself to the police anytime from now and will be glad to spend the rest of my life in jail

Monday, 19 March 2018

Raila skips Nasa Rallies despite being constantly welcomed by Kalonzo

Raila skips Nasa Rallies despite being constantly welcomed by Kalonzo

Raila Odinga has for a third time in a row skipped NASA rallies which he was welcomed by kalonzo.
Kalonzo is campaigning for late nyenze wife Edith nyenze to clinch the kitui west parliamentary seat which was left vacant after the death of her husband.
Edith nyenze is expected to win the race since she is vying on a wiper ticket.

Raila Odinga skipped today meeting where he was to meet the NASA principals on the issue about wetangula who will be ousted as minority leader today by senate when they convene meeting.

Odinga cited bad weather as reason for his not visiting the region but pundits have predicted that its worse than it meets the eye.

Raila is said to be snubbing his fellow principals As he warms up on his deal with jubilee.
Raila is expected to be given a good position where he will  comment on jubilee affairs directly and be involved directly.
He is currently receiving presidential treatment as the deal continues to manifest.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Kalonzo ,Wetangula and Mudavadi to hold major Rally without Raila

Kalonzo ,Wetangula and Mudavadi to hold major Rally without Raila

Kalonzo musyoka, moses wetangula and musalia mudavadi are set to hold a major rally in Uhuru park next month dubbed handshake is not dialogue.
According to those privy to the information posters have already been printed for the famous Rally.
This comes after Raila Odinga seems to have pulled out of NASA and is ready with engagements with jubilee without involving other parties.
NASA affiliates have cried foul after Raila met with Uhuru Kenyatta without involving them.
Moses wetangula is about to Be removed in senate as minority leader and replaced with orengo.
Here is one of the poster doing rounds in social media.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

This is the disease chris kirubi is suffering from

This is the disease chris kirubi is suffering from

According to popular blogger Robert alai,
Chris kirubi is suffering from collon cancer and might have few weeks to live.
He come back to the country handed all his property before going back for treatment.
Here is what he shared.

"After looting billions from KENATCO, Uchumi and KQ, Colon Cancer is what is taking Kirubi to the grave and he knows it. Without a single cent. Sad.
He came back to Kenya to hand over his wealth to a trust as he continues to get his treatment in the US. Impact lives. Don’t loot!"

Kenyans were not happy with alai post here is their reactions.

"To all the people whom cancer have robbed them their loved ones, take courage one day at a time
it shall be well with our souls and someday cure shall be found!"

Another user said.
1. You mentioned that he is without a single cent 2. You also said he handing over his wealth. Get your facts right and prove read your lies at the least. He shall not die but shall live to declare the goodness of God.